2006 News Article

Stirling Officals are looking for two meteors that came down recently near Stirling Castle.

Scientists have numerous reports of spectacular "balls of fire" falling in the area. If discovered, they would be the first meteorites confirmed to have hit north of the Border for almost 100 years.

The incidents, reported by several witnesses, were on the evenings of Friday, February 17 and the following Monday Scientists want to hear from others who saw the fireballs, to trace the scene of impact.

John Faithfull, curator of mineralogy and petrology at Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum, said yesterday: "Although meteorite falls are rare everywhere, Scotland seems to have escaped remarkably lightly. There have only been four meteorites recovered from Scotland, compared with more than 18 from England and Wales. Statistically, we are overdue another one.

"There must undoubtedly be more people who saw these meteorites - people who just happened to be out walking the dog or looking out their window - and we need them to come forward."

"It can be difficult to judge exactly where a meteorite may have landed but it is exciting."