2006 News Article

This old Stirling house - Leeds, Utah

This house is in Leeds, Utah (south-western Utah) and was built by William Stirling, my great-grandfather, in 1876. William came to the US from Forfar, Scotland. The style is known as a Dixie dormer. It has been in my family ever since, being owned by my grandparents, David and Ethel Stirling, my parents, Eldon and Louise Stirling and currently by my sister and her husband, Scott and Tana Hayes. It is on the Utah state register of historic sites.

My great-grandfather got the money to build the house from the Silver Reef Mining Company. In the late 1800ís silver was found in south-western Utah, the only place silver has ever been found in sandstone. One day William was riding in the area of the smelter and discovered that the smelter boiler had gone dry but that the fire was still going. William diverted the stream of irrigation water to the boiler and prevented an explosion. In gratitude, the company put him on the payroll for a year.

I hope people will enjoy it.

Tom Stirling