1999 News Article

Bloomington, Idaho - 4 Apr 1999 The Scottish Genealogy Society was founded in Edinburgh on 30 May 1953 by a group of historians and genealogists. The aims of the Society are to promote research into Scottish family history and to undertake the collection, exchange and publication of material relating to genealogy.

Scottish Genealogical Society ArmsThe Scottish Genealogy Society,
15 Victoria Terrace,
Edinburgh EH1 2JL,

If you have questions, please send a message to mcej @ jex dot org

Membership of the Society is currently at an annual subscription of
16 UK; $40 CAN / AUS,
$44 NZ; $32 US
payable on 1st October, (Family membership 19 UK).

If you are visiting Scotland, a visit to the Society in Edinburgh is a must.  One of the original supporters of the Society was William Stirling-Maxwell of Keir, and the noted Stirling Genealogist Mathew Stirling's life's work is housed at the society.  They have a great deal of information on the Stirling-Sterling Family.

The place can be a little hard to find, as Victoria Terrace is actually a terrace ABOVE the street.  You must either go up a set of stairs near the Quaker headquarters, or down from the Royal mile near the castle.   The Society has a website at http://www.scotsgenealogy.com  where you can get more information.