1999 News Article

Bloomington, Idaho - 1 Apr 1999 George Bradley Sterling, (John Heman, Heman Bradley, Isaac, James) was born in 1884 in Goshen, Litchfield, Connecticut.

There are three photos of George, His wife and Family.  They were provided to Clan Stirling by George's grandson, Jon Sterling of New Hartford, Connecticut.  This photo was taken in 1947.George Bradley Sterling

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ClanStirling Online is very concerned about what is happening to many of our family photos and heirloms - the photos from 100 years ago are usually in better shape than color photos taken the last 20-30 years.  If you have not scanned or digitized your own family photos yet, it is imperative you do so before they are lost forever!
John W. Sterling (1883-1970) & Lucy Bishop Sterling (m) & George B. Sterling (right) In this shot George's brother John W. Sterling (1883-1970) is on the left.  George's lovely wife Lucy Bishop Sterling is in the middle, and George is on the right.  

Taken on 26 June 1949, this family photo has from left to right John, Minnie, George, Bradley, Josephine, Sarah, & Doris.

Special thanks to Jon Sterling Jr. grandson of George, and son of John (on left ) for providing   these wonderful family photographs.