1999 News Article

Stirling, Scotland, 11 Aug 1999 - The Stirling Council had dug in their heels against staggering opposition regarding a Y2K celebration planned to bring in the year 2000.  The council had made plans to burn in effigy Robert The Bruce, King of the Scots, who brought freedom for Scotland after William Wallace.
A petition drive had been established by noted historian and special friend to Clan Stirling, Bob McCutheon.  Clan Stirling-Sterling quickly joined in the fray, encouraging you to speak your minds on this issue,  as did a great number of other groups and individuals.  Some of you had a chance to voice your thoughts on the issue via the Internet by sending emails and faxes directly to Stirling.   Once the opposition started getting organized it took less than two days for the local council to realize just how far they had missed the mark on this issue.

Now the general opinion of the Stirling Council is their was no objection to using Bruce in a celebratory form but not in any way to burn any representation of him. I'd suggest we now  send messages to congratulate our Stirling friends and cousins on exercising their democratic rights! 

You can send messages to Stirling at the following email address:   savethebruce@btinternet.com

If you would rather fax your thoughts directly to the Stirling council you can send them to Keith Yates, Chief Executive, Stirling Council, Viewforth, Stirling, Scotland.   His fax number is 01786 443078, his UK phone is 01786 443320.  The council does not publish or release comments they receive, you may want to send your comments to both places.