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I've just had a lengthy conversation ( about 8 emails ) with the folks over at Ancestry.Com

I tried to point out that there are rampant errors in the indexing of names in the census images and that if uncorrected would make it impossible for researchers to find a record where the index to that record is missing, or erroneous.

Ancestry.Com responded that they have made available a USER COMMENTS database where a researcher can leave 'Post-It' notes for other researchers when they have additional information or corrections to a record.

I pointed out that although it was possible to post updated info to the USER COMMENT database, the re-indexing of that database was not being done so you really couldn't locate data there in a timely fashion.

Ancestry.Com reviewed the situation and agreed they had not been indexing these records in a timely fashion. They have promised to run a weekly re-index on the USER COMMENT database in the future.

For an example of how this works, follow this link to the USER DATABASE Query page and enter STIRLING for "Comments Text"

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Rick Stirling - Clan Stirling Online!

Clan Ross Association of the United States, Inc.

Clan Ross Association of the United States, Inc., is an organization of Scots who have an interest in the history and preservation of their common cultural heritage. In addition to being a Scot, all members are surnamed or descended from a person with the surname Ross, or one of the names associated with Ross

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Jon’s Genealogy Website

Jon is a direct descendant of James Sterling & Hannah May, through their son Isaac. He lives in nearby New Hartford, Connecticut. Jon recently discovered and documented Anne Sterling, a long lost daughter of James & Hannah

Rick Stirling’s Stirling Heritage Website

Rick Sterling's website has information about the history of the Stirling family in Scotland. Family surnames researched are:

Paternal = Sterling, Magee, Kelley, Casselbury, Eggleston, Cooper, Palmer, and Hobbs.

Maternal = Hinds, Jackson, Payne, Viney, Merrihew, Nhare, LeFebvre, DeMarse.

Other lines researched = Tewksbury, Tiffany, Whitney, Munro, Turrrel, and Robinson