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Keir Manor19 Sep 2000 - Stirling, Scotland - The Stirlings of Keir are one of the oldest and most historic families in the Stirling, Scotland Area.  For the next month Clan Stirling Online will highlight the Keir Stirlings with twice-weekly articles, updates and news of this large branch of the Stirling Family.

The Stirlings of Keir track their ancestry back  to some of the earliest progenitors of the surname Stirling, and have had news written about them since the 15th century. A great deal of this information will be added to the CSO website in installments.  The first installment will be posted later today, with others coming every few days there after.

It has been a difficult task to try an organize the material because of it's diverse nature and tremendous size. We have several file cabinets of information on this branch of the family alone. To try and make in more manageable and in an attempt to make it easier for all to see and understand we are going to present the information in a Timeline orientation after starting with a overview of the family and the estate. After the overview, we'll start with the First Stirling Laird of Keir, Lukas, who created the barony of Keir after purchasing half of the estate between 1395 and 1414 from Laird George Leysly (Leslie) of Lewyn. Lukas traded lands in Fife for the lands of Keir. There lands were in the Stirling Family until the late 1970's - a period of over 570 years.

After Lukas Strivelyng as his name was spelled at that time, we'll focus on his son Sir William De Striveline (another spelling) of Ratherne and Keir, Knight. and move into the 15th Century. It is Lukas's son William who purchased the second half of the Keir estate in 1455.

This series is one of the largest research projects undertaken so far at Clan Stirling online. We look forward to your comments and additional information you might have on this important branch of our large family. Through this information you'll be able to see how the Early Stirling family organized, and how the many cadets and branches of the family tie together. You will see Scottish history at it's best, and at times it's worst. You will see how land was bought, sold, traded and at times killed for.

You will also see the impact this group named Stirling had in politics and history, for the Stirlings had many responsibilities in the kingdom, from overseeing the Herring Fishing in the 17th Century, to guarding King James V when a young child after his father James IV died.

Keir ManorIt is our hope to help bring the Stirling family together more closely, brother and sister, Father and Son, and to give history of our ancestors, not elevate The Keir Stirlings over other branches of the family. In coming months we'll focus on the other branches of the Family, Cadder, Craigbernard, Glorat, Law, Kippendavie, Ardoch, and many others. It will be easier for all to see how these branches relate to one of the largest segments.

An additional goal is to help as many of you as possible find the links and relationships to your American, Australian, New Zealand, South America branches of the family.

Simply - there is a tremendous amount of information on this branch of the family.

For those of you that are descendants of James Stirling of Cornwall, and William Stirling of Baldernock, this information will prove particularly useful, as these branches of the family were found to be descendant lines of the Stirlings of Keir in February 2000. In fact Lukas Strivelyng is the 10th Great-grandfather of James Sterling of Cornwall, Connecticut.